What is your Favorite Fliva of New Song
1. Fliva of New Dij Sparkx Intro
2. Council of Word-Sunshine (Joint)
3. TPT- I Party
4.Chase Lucciano-That Work
5. Gator-What Would I Do
6. Bishop the Weardough-Energy feat Shai and Elliott Robinson
7. Dij Sparkx Mad Scientist Break 2
8. Party Wit Us-Looze Cannon
9. Mach6 - Enough
10. Bigg Jigg - Long As I Live
11. Youngin -Doin It
12. Mach6 & Derek-RingRing
13. Liz -Ridin'
14. Journey Johnson -I Stepped Up
15. Melle Pryo-Imajin
16. Mad Scientist Blows Up The Lab The End